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Aboriginal or Indigenous Australians are the country’s first people known to be the world’s oldest continuous culture extending back around 60-80,000 years. Aboriginal people live in remote communities, rural townships and large cities retaining a strong connection with their ancient heritage and belief system known as the Dreaming. Read more about Aboriginal culture at Ethics

Aboriginal art is Australia’s leading contemporary art movement. It continues to sustain a significant world culture while playing a vital role in returning country and spirit to its people. Contemporary Aboriginal art is highly-sought by galleries, collectors, investors and home-owners in Australia, the USA, Asia and Europe. A hugely popular trend in domestic and business interiors that continues to grow around the world, the paintings tell the stories of the people, land and spirits through vivid symbolism with different styles reflecting various regions. Read more about Australian Aboriginal art at Quick Facts

Australian Aboriginal art has firmly established itself as an important contemporary art movement in the international arena. Marana Gallery now makes ethically-sourced Australian Aboriginal art easily available direct to all of Scandinavia and anywhere around the world. A wonderful interior decoration item that financially supports the artist directly as well as their community and ancient culture; these beautiful paintings present simple geometric patterns, vibrant colour tones and effortless coordinating styles.

Our Australian Aboriginal art is bought by individual home-owners, interior designers, private collections and the corporate sector. Marana Gallery represents artists whose paintings appeal directly to the Scandinavian aesthetic both in the home and the office. We are an Australian-Swedish collaboration meeting a growing desire for quality Australian Indigenous Art in greater Scandinavia; a region renowned for its passion for simple, nature-inspired design, vibrant colourful painting and deep humanistic values.

Australian Aboriginal art is perfect in an office environment. Businesses the world over display Australian Aboriginal art in key positions throughout their office building as a welcome at reception and waiting rooms, a beautiful background in meeting and conference rooms, and a bright point in staff rooms and eating areas.

If you are a business with a registered VAT number, we can assist you with selection and pricing. Contact us on email to find out more.

Incorporating an ethical business model based on respect, fairness and integrity, Marana Gallery is a proud signatory of the Indigenous Art Code. Aboriginal-owned cooperatives through community art centres provide Indigenous Australian artists with the opportunity to preserve their culture and maintain their society. We work directly with the artists and community art centres. This process provides a good source of income while allowing stories of the Dreaming to be passed down thus restoring interest of the younger generation. It encourages the voice of the long oppressed, promotes self-respect and furthers Westerners’ understanding of this remarkable, ancient culture.

All paintings over 30x30cm are issued with a Certificate of Authenticity that includes details regarding title, catalogue number, dimensions, medium, date of completion, artist’s specifics such as name, date of birth, region, language group and authorized signature.

Our 100% secure shop will guide you through a buying process that is much like the millions already operating successfully on the internet.

To make your selection easier, you can sort paintings by price, design, size, shape, colour and region.

We are right here to answer your questions. The best way is to send us an email and we will respond within 24 hours. Let us know if you would prefer us to contact you by phone or Skype.

We offer a choice of payment options including Direct Bank Transfer and PayPal.

Marana Gallery will deliver to anywhere in the world. We use Australia Post’s standard delivery service and, in some cases, other international mail services. Delivery to Scandinavia is a flat fee of SEK425. Further details are available at Terms and Conditions

Marana Gallery also delivers to anywhere outside of Scandinavia. We use Australia Post’s standard delivery service and, in some cases, other international mail services. No matter where you are in the world, send us an email and we will work out the delivery fee for your specific country. Further details are available at Terms and Conditions

All deliveries of Australian Aboriginal art should arrive within 10-14 business days after payment is received. Note that due to the remote locations of some artists, this estimate may vary.

All Aboriginal art paintings are delivered unstretched and unframed. A postal tube container provides secure, fully sealed delivery. Your package includes: your painting(s), artist’s biography, documented artwork story, Certificate of Authenticity, and photos where available.

No. There is no Customs toll in Scandinavia.

Yes. VAT (Value Added Tax) is included in the price.

No. Marana Gallery delivers all paintings unstretched so as to minimize transportation and delivery times and expenses. Stretching and framing services are available in your country.

Yes. If you don’t like the painting when you receive it, please advise us as soon as possible – it must be within 7 days of receiving the painting. For full details read Terms and Conditions.

The word marana is believed to mean ‘stars’. Its origin remains a mystery, as there is only a trace of it left in the history books. It is a word that would have appeared brightly out of the southern night sky many thousands of years ago.

Marana signified a deep connection with the universe, a profound sense of spiritual belonging and an integral element of Aboriginal cosmology when celestial legends emerged for all eternity in the stories of the Dreaming.

When the British arrived in 1770 it is estimated that up to 750 different Aboriginal languages and dialects existed. Today less than 150 survive with most of these highly endangered and only 10% being taught to children.

Marana reflects the survival and continuance of an ancient, spiritual culture on their sacred native land. It highlights an infinite force, an innate beauty that transcends time, shining brightly in a wondrous new form.

Since being created in the Dreamtime; dark clouds, daylight, the dawn of a new era under European control and the cycle of life and death have never stopped the stars from shining.

The Dreamtime was a prehistoric period when great Ancestral Spirits shaped the land and created life. Stemming from this time, the Dreaming remains a belief system and way of life that defines Aboriginal peoples’ harmonious links with spirituality, morality, society and the natural world.

These spirits, these places, these animals and these people are one, the Dreaming.