A New Spirit In Interior Style


Hej and G’day!
We are Swede Maria Jäger Jones and Australian Andrew Jones. For us, the connection between contemporary Aboriginal art and Scandinavian interior design is a natural; an irresistible and inevitable encounter of beautiful simplicity merging at both ends of the spectrum. This is what inspired us, now let the artworks inspire you no matter what interior style you prefer or where on earth you live.
These magical paintings tell a compelling, multi-dimensional story, an ancient narrative involving subject, artist, their land and a culture that’s the oldest on the planet – extending back over 50,000-years. It is a great privilege for us to partner with the artists and present their paintings to you now.
Marana Gallery is the first Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art online gallery in Scandinavia. We are based in both Australia and Sweden delivering to anywhere in the world. And we are right here to assist you with helpful information, answering questions and a secure transaction.
Symbolic geometric patterns, vibrant colour tones and effortless coordinating styles; these artworks fit the Scandinavian aesthetic perfectly and we are passionate about matching you with a painting regardless of your interior tastes or how and where you live.
Don’t be intimidated; be inspired. Our view on genuine, original art is that instead of it being out of reach for most and treated as a financial investment, it needs to be affordable and accessible and first and foremost it must spark an emotional response that speaks to your heart. A spectacularly large living room showpiece or a small splash of colour in the bedroom; we have or can source precisely what you are looking for.
We know you love your home and our promise is to make it easy for you to take that step, make the transformation and lift your space with an outstanding painting. Much like buying some great furniture or even a new outfit, be choosey, be bold; we’ve been there as have so many others.
In the process – and this is the part that is very close to our hearts – you will be making an ethical purchase that is right and fair. And you know what? It feels good too.
For far too long, indigenous peoples all over the world have had to suffer and struggle to survive, including Australia’s First Nations people. They have a gift, despite everything it keeps giving, and supporting them is one way that we all can help give something back.
We believe there’s nothing more important than an even partnership and with ethics being our priority, we only work with Aboriginal-owned community art centres. You are not only acquiring a beautiful painting, you’re ensuring that the artist works in proper conditions and receives rightful payment directly benefitting their family, remote community and amazing culture.
Välkomna & Welcome!
Maria & Andrew
Marana Gallery